Dal Dy Dir @ The Forest


Dal Dy Dir is a Charity Incorporated Organisation based in Wales. (Charity Number 1171346). We began in 2016 following extensive consultation with families, communities and agencies within Wales and the UK.

We co-produce services for people with disabilities and other people who are marginalised within their communities.

We don’t believe in labels and we believe that communities and individuals are the experts in their own lives. We support people to achieve their aspirations, challenge stereotypes and provide innovative solutions to issues within communities and society.

In 2018 we set out on a new adventure – Dal Dy Dir @ the Forest! Using all we have learned from our experts we’ve set up on a six acre site where people can be who ever they need to be without fear of judgement. We offer volunteering and training opportunities, family breaks and respite. Most recently we are offering supported living programmes where people can develop their independence and create the future they want for themselves.

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